Electronic Arts are ready to postpone the release date of the game Star Wars: Battlefront

June 28
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Electronic Arts has announced its willingness to postpone the release date for Star Wars: Battlefront. As it became known, the creators of virtually defined the second “deadline” for the game Star Wars: Battlefront, if the development goes according to plan. EA head Peter Moore explained that “the game can not be released if the quality […]

People Can Fly team regained its independence and is working on Bulletstorm 2

June 25
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The Polish team People Can Fly, the creators of Bulletstorm, regained its independence and began work on a new project. In 2013 the company was bought by the developers Epic Games and renamed into Epic Games Poland. Now the developers have initiated a reverse process. As it became known, representatives of the Polish studio said […]

Incredible cruelty of Ivy Frye was shown in the new trailer for the game Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

June 19
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Ubisoft has released at E3 2015 a new trailer for the game Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Developers have submitted a video entirely devoted to the second main character of the game – Ivy Frye. You can view the new video in the appropriate section of the game. At a press conference Sony developers showed brutal nature […]

Information about a new Hitman game leaked into the network before the official announcement

June 16
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A short description of the new game appeared on PlayStation Store pre-order page. Players once again will try themselves in the role of Agent 47 and with the coordinator Diane sent on missions around the world. Apparently, the new game will be a reboot of the entire series, as it is called in PlayStation Store […]