Representatives of BioWare told when we should expect new information about Mass Effect: Andromeda

October 7
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Since the announcement of Mass Effect: Andromeda at E3 2015, developers still keep details about the game in secret. Despite the activity of key employees of BioWare in Twitter, the team is in no hurry to disclose the storyline or pamper players with new fragments of the gameplay. As it became known, developers have set […]

Simulator of a homeless dog Home Free conquered gamers

October 4
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Independent software developer Kevin Cancienne offered gamers to play Home Free, and it instantly captivated gamers. As it became known, the author launched on Kickstarter a campaign to raise funds for the development of a domestic dog simulator, which incredibly fast comes to the cherished amount. At Home Free players are invited to try themselves […]

The creators of Star Conflict prepare pilot locations and a new class of ships for gamers

September 28
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Gaijin Entertainment team shared the future plans for the development of the game Star Conflict. As it became known, in the near future, players can wait a list of the various innovations. One of the key innovations of the game will be the emergence of new “pilot locations”. As an alternative to the open space, […]

The representative of Valv called the releasee of games with support for DirectX 12 meaningless

September 25
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Dan Ginsburg, one of the developers of the programming interface Vulkan in the team Valve spoke about the meaninglessness of switching to DirectX 12. The corporation Gabe Newell sees no reason to produce games with support for DirectX 12. “I’ll bet that there are no any reasons to create games to DirectX 12 at the […]

The tense atmosphere of the city in the realistic game P.A.M.E.L.A. was shown in a new video

September 22
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The team NVYVE Studios released a new video for the game Pamela. The developers are preparing gamers an exciting new survival horror with realistic colorful world. “We fill the gaming world with created manually surroundings of the realistic sci-fi universe. Players will be able to explore it as they see fit, whether it’s exploring the […]

Head of Bethesda told where you can build your base in Fallout 4

September 19
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President of Bethesda Softworks marketing Pete Hines shared new details about the game Fallout 4. In response to questions from fans Hines said that you can not build your own bases everywhere you want. Throughout the game world special locations will be scattered where gamers are able to equip their own settlements. The head of […]