The “wet” addition to Civilization: Beyond Earth

May 26
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Firaxis Games Studio announced the first major addition for Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, dubbed «Rising Tide». Rising Tide expands horizons of Beyond Earth by adding new features conquest of land and sea, new options and new diplomatic cooperation options in different situations. The ability to conquer the seas and oceans fundamentally expand the availability […]

Warface battlers went to Africa

May 20
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Welcome to the Dark Continent. After installing a major upgrade of online shooter Warface from the studio Crytek the fans are waiting for military missions in Africa, convenient testing ground for training and more options. Warface take fighting positions already on the fifth continent: now the military operation against Blackwood goes in Africa. Soldiers will […]

Ubisoft is on the point of announcing a new big game this fall

May 19
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Have you ever heard that large computer corporations are really flourishing? The same is about the Ubisoft. Despite the fact that monopoly in the world of game developments is almost impossible, Ubisoft took a leading position. Despite declining the release of games on Play Station 3 and Xbox 360, the company showed great financial figures. […]